APC Round 1 – Sydney Motorsport Park

Bruce Lynton BM Service took 3 BMW’s to Sydney Motorsport Park on the weekend to compete in APC – Australian Production Cars, with 2 x 30 minute races on Saturday and a 300km Enduro on Sunday morning with CPS – Compulsory Pit Stops, Tyres had to be changed during the race and a fuel pit stop separate to the tyres, so a minimum of 2 pit stops. 

Saturday Race 1- 30 Mins

Aaren Russell in Go-Karts-Go M3 car # 58 1st

Tim Leahey in Bruce Lynton BM Service #23 2nd

Rob Rubis in Prestige Connex #56 6th

Saturday Race 2 – 30 Mins

Arren Russell and Drew Russell in Go-Karts-Go M3 car #58 1st

Shane Smollen in Prestige Connex #56 2nd

Beric Lynton in Bruce Lynton BM Service #23 3rd

Sunday Race 3 – 300km Enduro (approx. 2 hours 22 minutes)

The Russell family teamed up once again with Wayne and Drew sharing the Go-Karts-Go BMW M3 in Car #58

Shane Smollen and Rub Rubis in the Prestige Connex BMW M4 in Car #56

Beric Lynton & Tim Leahey in the Bruce Lynton BM Service BMW M3 in Car #23


Drew and Wayne Russell in Car #58, 1st Place and leading the championship along with Aaren.

Shane Smollen & Rob Rubis in Car #56 had a flat tyre on the last lap and managed to bring the car across the line in 5th place, and are 4th in the championship

Beric Lynton & Tim Leahey in car #23 finished 6th after they had a flat tyre 25 minutes into the final race of the weekend and are 3rd in the championship.