Jaguar Service & Mechanic Gold Coast

Looking for a reliable mechanic for your Jaguar? Look no further than Bruce Lynton JLR Service. We provide Jaguar servicing and mechanic services Gold Coast residents can rely on.

Our mechanical team are factory trained in repairing and servicing Jaguars. Our aim is not simply to meet the expectations of our clients but to exceed them.

Why Trust Your Jaguar To Our Team?

    • Experience

As our team boasts many years of experience and factory training, we have a keen eye for detail and can recognise and repair small issues in your vehicle before they escalate into larger problems. Our experience also allows us to solve problems creatively as our team is solution-focused.

    • Reliable

We only use genuine and aftermarket Jaguar parts, so you can have the utmost faith in our repair and maintenance services.

    • Qualified

Our team of technicians are not only qualified mechanics, they are Jaguar manufacturer trained with specialist knowledge about Jaguar vehicles. Our specialist knowledge ensures we can return your jaguar back to a like-new condition with a high-quality finish.

    • Equipment

We have specialised Jaguar diagnostic equipment that allows us to download faults and previous servicing for your vehicle and upload servicing that we have performed.

Top Signs Your Jaguar Needs A Service

Dashboard Warning Lights

If warning lights on the dashboard of your jaguar begin to flash, you should bring your car to our mechanics as soon as possible. We will quickly identify the problem and ensure your car is safe to drive.


As soon as you notice smoke coming from your car, such as from underneath the bonnet of your Jaguar, bring your vehicle to a Jaguar specialist. Our mechanics will be able to locate the cause of the smoke and prevent it from occurring again.

Unusual Noises And Liquid

If you notice your vehicle creating an unusual noise, it may be a sign of a much more significant problem. One strange noise you may hear from your Jaguar is a dripping noise. Water leaking unusually from your car is a good indication servicing is required.


Alternatively, it is a general rule that a Jaguar should be serviced every 15,000 kilometres or at least once a year. This may need to be done more frequently, depending on the age and model of your vehicle.

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For Jaguar servicing and mechanics Gold Coast-based, look no further than Bruce Lynton JLR Service. Our expert team can take good care of your vehicle and will ensure to work to a time frame that suits your needs. We only use genuine or aftermarket Jaguar parts and ensure we offer you the best value possible. Get in touch to learn more.

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