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Upgrade Parts

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BMW S55 & N55 CRANKHUB CAPTURE PLATE (M2 F87 2014-2019 / M3 F80 2013-2018 / M4 F82 2013-2019)

SKU: MMR20-1002



PRICE: $240 (inc GST) part only (please contact us if you want a quote for fitment)

Issues relating to the standard three-piece crank hub on the S55 engine are widely known, but include the need to ensure the OE crank bolt can’t loosen, which is one cause of the crank hub friction plates starting to slip.

Machined from T-6061 billet aluminum before being anodised in our trademark finish, the MMR Performance capture plate secures the head of the OE crank bolt and prevents it from turning or being able to loosen.

Secured to either the MMR one-piece crank hub, or the OE crank hub, the elongated slots ensure a perfect, secure installation, every time.

Installation of the capture plate is also possible with the engine remaining in-situ, with just the need to drop the radiator, in order to gain adequate access to install.

Please note: crank hub shown for illustration only.