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BMW, MINI, Land Rover & Jaguar Specialists based in Molendinar, Gold Coast. Servicing the Gold Coast for over 45 years.

Our BMW Mechanic Services

Logbook Service

We can do any make and model log book service

Brake Service

We do brake pad and brake rotor changes offering you a choice of genuine or aftermarket parts.

Mechanical Repairs

From an oil leak to an engine change we can do it all.  Come in and chat with us and we’ll work with you and your vehicle to find the best solution for you and your budget. We use genuine and aftermarket parts and discuss the benefits and costs with you prior to the work being done.

Oil Service and Vehicle Inspection

On each oil service we change your oil and filter, check your tyre pressures and wear, brake pad and rotor wear, check your vehicle over for any obvious fluid leaks or wear and tear and report back to you before we perform any additional work.  We will discuss your driving needs and recommend your next service schedule. 

Air and Cabin Filter

We recommend that air and cabin filters be changed based on your manufacturers recommendations and in some cases earlier.  This varies from one year to four years, depending on the manufacturer or where you have been driving your vehicle.

Windscreen Wiper Replacements

Windscreen wipers not working as they should, pop in and see us and we can replace your windscreen rubbers for you.

Brake Light, Indicator & Headlight Bulb Replacements

Brake lights, indicators or headlights not working, come in and see us, we can change globes to whole headlight assemblies. 

BMW Servicing and MINI Servicing

At Bruce Lynton BM Service we have the latest BMW equipment that allows us to key read, upload your service to the on-line service history of your car and diagnose faults in your vehicle. 

Land Rover Servicing and Jaguar Servicing

We have the latest Jaguar & Land Rover diagnostic equipment that allows us to check your vehicles history, upload to your on-line service history and diagnose faults in your Land Rover or Jaguar.  Give us a call or come in and see us to discuss your vehicles needs and budget. 

BMW Mechanic FAQs

How many kilometres can I drive until my BMW needs an oil change?

Usually, new vehicles can drive 10,000 kilometres before they need an oil change. You can, however, check the BMW manual for more specific information or pop by our service centre if you’re still unsure.

What does it mean if my BMW isn’t starting?

If your vehicle isn’t starting, then you could have a dead battery, a bad starter, or a bad alternator. You don’t need to decide the reason yourself. Instead, our mechanics will carry out a thorough examination and get to the bottom of the problem before suggesting a replacement part or repair.

How often do I need to replace my tyres?

This depends on several factors including the type of tyres you have, the terrain you usually drive on, and your driving style. If you’re driving on gravel, for example, your tyres will wear a lot quicker. Your manufacturer’s manual will give a rough estimate stating how long your tyres should last. We recommend you regularly check your tyre pressure and lookout for signs of wear.

What should I do if the ‘Service Engine Soon’ light turns on?

When you see the ‘Service Engine Soon’ light, we recommend you bring your car to our service centre on the Gold Coast to have it examined.

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