Lynton Leahey Davison Bathurst 2023

After Qualifying on pole for Sunday’s race, Mount Panorama never fails to throw some curve balls in. First time the race didn’t start as they crossed the start line for the first time and cars had to go around again for take 2. Unpertrubed Beric lead the way up the mountain. Will Davison jumped in followed by Tim Leahey and they kept the car in the lead or within lead contention all day. Then oil on the track which evenutated in a red flagged race and all cars sat in the pits whilst they cleaned up with 2 hours to go and car #23 in the lead with mandatory (CPS) pit stops still to be completed. But having 2 cPS stops to go car #23 needed a satety car after the others did green flag stops but this didn’t happen. All the front runners pitted together to make it a sprint finish. A late puncture after all pit stops were completed put the team back to 15th and over a minute and a half behind the leaders. Never say never and Will pulled out the fastest lap for the car on lap 105 whilst passing slower cars…. A late safety car hindered Will’s mission, but with an outstanding drive he brought the car home in 6th place. Well done to the whole team and thanks to all our sponsors.

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