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How Often Does a Car Need an Oil Service?

Oil changes are one of the many small tasks that vehicle owners need to keep up with if they want their car to run at its best. Anyone who owns a car has probably heard time and again from mechanics or car enthusiasts just how important it is to regularly have your car’s oil serviced.

Although, admittedly many of us probably don’t get an oil change done anywhere often enough as we actually should. This begs the question, how often does a car need an oil service? Read on to find out our expert tips.

When Should You Get a Mechanic to Check Your Oil?

Modern cars the manufacturers determine how often each car needs to be serviced and what the vehicle needs during it’s service as the vehicle works out how you drive.  Older cars need oil services more often to keep them running at their best.

It is best to check with your mechanic to find out how often your manufacturer recommends an oil service whilst also considering the age of your vehicle, how many kms you drive and on what type of roads they are driven on.  At minimum you should have an oil service yearly.

  • BMW is recommended to have a yearly / 15,000kms oil service whichever comes first
  • MINI is recommended to have a yearly / 15,000kms oil service whichever comes first
  • Land Rover is recommended to have a yearly / 15,000kms oil service whichever comes first
  • Jaguar is recommended to have a yearly / 15,000kms oil service whichever comes first

What is An Oil Service?

An oil service or an oil change service is very similar to a typical oil change but more comprehensive. An oil service includes the following:

  • A standard oil change
  • The oil filter is checked and replaced. An oil filter removed any impurities such as dirt, flecks of metal or debris from your oil, preventing it from reaching the engine and needs to be replaced regularly to upkeep your engine safe.
  • A vehicle inspection of the brake pads, fluids and undercarriage including looking for any obvious signs of oil leaks etc is undertaken to help pinpoint any issues you may not have been aware of.

Why Are Oil Services Essential?

Oil services are essential for a variety of reasons. Primarily, they help to ensure that your car’s engine remains in good working condition. However, oil services also assist with the following:

  • Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money in the future by pinpointing mechanical issues while they are still minimal and preventing major repair costs
  • The vehicle inspection can help identify any issues that may be present in critical components of your car

What Are The Benefits of An Oil Service?

Oil services are undeniably essential for the health of your engine and to help keep your car in top shape. However, what specific benefits do they provide for your car besides clean oil and filters? Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Engine efficiency: regular oil services using the correct oil will help to represent the buildup of sludge on your oil filters and engine. This sludge seriously impacts an engine’s ability to run efficiently and can cause damage if allowed to build up over a long period
  • Better mileage: an efficient engine with clean oil and oil filters can utilise fuel more efficiently improving gas mileage significantly
  • Longevity: cars that do not receive regular oil services are unlikely to last as long as they would if they were regularly cared for as the debris, sludge and gunk that is sitting in your old oil and oil filters can damage your engine and decrease its ability to run properly.
  • Helps keep your engine cool: fresh oil and clean filters and engine components help to keep that rest of your engine cool while it is operating at high speeds. The lubrication of clean oil helps to minimise friction which in turn helps avoid overheating in your engine.
  • Protects your engine: overall, regular oil services go a long way toward protecting your engine. The regular oil changes, as well as the oil filter changes and the assessment of other components, help to ensure that everything is in good order and working together flawlessly. If it’s not, your mechanic should be able to spot the issue during the oil service and remedy it before it becomes a bigger problem.

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It’s undeniable that splurging a little bit extra on an oil service instead of just an oil change is worth the money. With all the benefits of an oil change as well as additional benefits that can help keep your car in great working order, a regular oil service should be at the top of your car maintenance list.

If your car is due for its oil service soon, get in contact with our team now. We can have your car running at peak performance in no time at all.